About us

Hey cutie! We're Purpulp, a homegrown Indian brand built by a community of stationery lovers. We create products that are so adorable, they'll make your heart do a happy dance.

Here at Purpulp, we're all about spreading kindness, one cute notebook at a time. We know life can get hectic, but we also know the importance of self-love, taking time for yourself, and nurturing your creativity. 

We're big believers in the power of positive affirmations. Every Purpulp notebook is a little cheerleader, reminding you that you are amazing, and you can do it, one step at a time. Heck, let's make the world a kinder place, starting with you! Isn't that what those adorable pandas and llamas on our notebooks would want?

So, grab a pen, unleash your inner artist, and join our growing community of cute stationery enthusiasts. Let's together develop our hobbies, embrace self-love, and spread a little kindness. Because after all, India deserves the cutest stationery brand, and we think that might just be us! Welcome to Purpulp!